June Avon beauty haul

Hello everybody!

How’s your weekend going? I’m glad to be here again. This time I decided to do something a bit different; watching a video on YouTube I had the idea of telling you about the beauty products that work for me, the ones I hate and the others that need a bit of help to do their work…

I’ve been buying lots of things on Avon and as I know it’s an international -and non expensive- brand, i’m going to talk about their products. Hope you enjoy my reviews and mostly hope it can help you!



(This is just a part of the things i bought) and now… stop talking and start to explain what you like of these things!

I know I have followers from USA and other english speaker contries, so these product will be perfect for you, who are in summer now!

  • First, the 3 in 1 cleansing lotion: to remove make up, it can also be used in the eyes zone. I love it because removes every inch of make up gently. You just have to wet your face and then apply a bit of this cream with a light massage, then wash and ready! I don’t use this everyday because is for normal to dry skins and mine is oily, but it’s perfect for those cold days when my face prays for some extra care.
  • Hmmm… Candy! Sugar Fun this body splash unfortunately is not on sale on the website of Avon USA, but is absolutely amazing, smells literally like candy and has a lot of tiny glitters that make your skin shine.
  • Pur Blanca eau de cologne: also this is not on sale on Avon USA, it’s a classic, relaxing fragance, but… it doesn’t last longer on the skin.
  • On Duty anti- perspirant: this one is Tropic Cocktail, I thought the fragance would be a bit more sweet… anyway it does its work right. And it’s a must for summer time.
  • Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold Lipstick: my tone is 24K Pink; i don’t like the gold glitters very much (so why did i buy it?!) but i’ll try to make it work. It leaves the lips soft and voluminous, and if you have a mid tone or suntanned skin this lipstick with golden glitters is PERFECT for you.
  • Ultra Color Lip Crayon: mine is Sweetly Pink; it doesn’t cover a lot, especially if you have dark lips, but has a nice texture and smells quite good. So with a bit of extra help from another lipstick or a touch of foundation (or BB cream) it’ll do it very, very well. (Next post i’ll explain how to improve a low coverage lipstick)
  • Ideal Luminous Blush: I think this is one of the best things i’ve bought. I really love this blush! The packaging is glamourous and comes with a little mirror. I tried it few days ago, and looks really natural, soft and sweet and lasts hours. On Avon USA are 8 different tones on sale and its price is just $8!
  • Finally, but not less important, this bleaching and moisturizing cream with solar protection; it’s for day and night, i use this after a mask to remove impurities and black heads. I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks and although i can’t say it has matched my skin tone, it works really good as a moisturizer and leaves my face and neck really soft. It also does well with sunburns. Note: THIS CREAM IS NOT A SUN BLOCK AND BY THE WAY, REMEMBER, ALWAYS USE GOOD SOLAR PROTECTION!


I hope you liked my post, if you have any request, critic, correction, comment, idea or whatever, just leave it right down here. I’ll be reading and answering them.

Have a good weekend and see you in my next post!

Kisses!!! ♥



About Bel Milano

Student of Textile and Fashion Design. I'm very hard on myself. I criticize. I love reading, taking photos, listening to music... Always trying to be fashion, always trying to learn.
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One Response to June Avon beauty haul

  1. clurrrrr says:

    I love Avon products they are so affordable and usually good quality!

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