Hello my dear followers!!!! How are you? Hope you’re having a good monday…Well, last night was the Bafta’s night and someone gave me (us) a big lesson of fashion… I’m talking obviously about Angelina Jolie!

Today in the morning I woke up thinking about what to wear and I thought why not my classic white shirt but… with what trouser? Believe it or not, when I turned on my computer and I watched last night Angelina’s outfit it was exactly what I wanted.

There were so many beautiful dresses last night but I want to emphasize in hers because of two reasons:

  1. In an event with that importance and where the tradition is to wear a long dress, wearing something out of the conventions can be a disaster. Or not…
  2. The “tomboy” style is a risky decision. If you do it wrong you can lose every inch of femininity, but if you do it right… you can look like Angelina.

I don’t like that oversized trousers and tuxedos that some designers have shown on the catwalks that when you wear it people have to be soothsayer to see your natural curves. That’s why admire the perfect mix between masculine and feminine in her outfit.

Also the versatility of the tuxedo lets you wear it in lots of different ocassions like the university, the office and the happy hour and with so many different variations and accesories like flats, pearl necklaces, bowler hats, pumps, ankle boots, oxford shoes and more!

So seeing all the benefits the tuxedo has my pourpose for this week (and season) is to get this look. What about you? Do you like it?


About Bel Milano

Student of Textile and Fashion Design. I'm very hard on myself. I criticize. I love reading, taking photos, listening to music... Always trying to be fashion, always trying to learn.
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